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Cemetery Dance Announces Their 2012 eBook Membership at an Amazingly Low Price

On Monday, January 9, 2012, Cemetery Dance announced an eBook club that is beyond comparison: The Cemetery Dance "All You Can Read" eBook Membership.  For only $49.00 you can get every Cemetery Dance eBook that is currently available through their site PLUS every eBook they release during 2012.  A smorgasbord of reading delight! 

You don't have to download every book, just the ones you want, of course, but if you do download every eBook that is available through the Cemetery Dance site right this minute, you'll almost have $150.00 ($144.62 to be exact by my calculations) worth of eBooks right away (for $49 bucks)!  I can guarantee you that the value of this will go way up as more and more eBooks are released during 2012 (there are dozens of originals and classic reprints in the works per their announcement).  That alone made me order the second I read about this deal, because the way I look at it is this: I get to read a ton of rare stories by some great authors for only $49 (and save a ton of money to boot)!  The Cemetery Dance eBook store only opened six months ago, and there are currently already around 38 books available through the Cemetery Dance site which are all yours with this deal.  I can only imagine how many more eBooks Cemetery Dance will be releasing during 2012! 

BUT then they sweetened the pot! 

You will also get a signed Limited Edition hardcover—a collector's item(!)—later this year with a retail value of $30 to $40 (you will have to pay applicable shipping). 

So, you get 38+ eBooks (I am a realist and like to look at bare minimums, but this will probably be more like 50 or even 80 books…or more) and a signed Limited Edition hardcover for only $49.  HOLY COW, this has become a no-brainer!

Some of the currently available eBooks (in Mobi and ePub file format) include: Dark Forces: The 25th Anniversary Edition edited by Kirby McCauley (an amazing 700+ page anthology featuring Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, Charles L. Grant, and more masters of horror)...

Shades by Brian Keene and Geoff Cooper (otherwise only available as a very expensive limited edition)...

Ronald Kelly's Midnight Grinding and Other Twilight Terrors (some of the best Southern-fried Horror short stories you'll ever read, and this book is HUGE)...

Rick Hautala's novella collection Four Octobers (featuring my favorite of his stories, "Miss Henry's Bottles");  Norman Prentiss' award winning novella Invisible Fences (feel free to download and read it first); Brian James Freeman's The Painted Darkness (a great creepy read that will have you thinking twice about how you heat your house); two of Glen Hirshberg's novels (The Two Sams and The Snowman's Children); a ton of John R. Little must-read eBooks (like the 2008 Bram Stoker Award winner Miranda)...

Some great non-fiction by Peter Straub (Sides, which is a Cemetery Dance exclusive, I believe)...

And to top it all off there is a lot of great non-fiction eBooks about Stephen King and his work too (selections by Bev Vincent, Kevin Quigley, Rocky Wood, and more)...

That is just a small bit of the currently available stuff that is all included.   My mind boggles at what else this deal is going to come with as far as future eBooks are concerned.

I've been looking for the "fine print," and this is all I could find (quoted from Cemetery Dance's announcement):

Here's how the plan works:

* Just place your order for your membership through this product page.

* After we process all of the orders, we'll email you a personalized coupon code so you can purchase ANY Cemetery Dance eBooks that are available through our online store during 2012 -- both new releases and older titles!

* This coupon code will be linked to you personally and will be valid for ONE FREE DOWNLOAD of each eBook in our store through the end of the 2012.

* You'll need to be able to order your eBooks through our online store and also manually load the eBooks on your reader or App of choice to take advantage of this membership. Please read our eBook FAQ for more information if you have any questions.

* The eBooks you download during your membership will remain yours to read after the membership ends.

* Memberships cannot be sold or transferred and eBooks you download may not be resold or transferred.

So… no secret-surprises-type of fine print, but I also found one the most awesome things I've ever seen in a deal like this:

For those of you who are rightfully concerned about how authors will be paid for their work in this new age of digital reading, we're pleased to report that our authors will be paid their FULL ROYALTY RATE on any copies downloaded by members of the "All You Can Read" program. So if there are 100 members in this program and they each download an author's eBook, that author will be paid the same as if 100 copies were sold at the regular retail price. 

As a fan of a lot of Cemetery Dance's authors, I am giving the company a standing ovation for this!

If you are new to Cemetery Dance, this is an excellent way to try a bunch of their authors out and get a signed Limited Edition to boot!

Overall, I look at this as a great way for people to convince themselves to go get a Kindle or other eReader and fill up that new eReader with some of the best and most original horror out there.  Note: If you got the base model Kindle at $79 plus this deal ($49), you'd still be getting all of Cemetery Dance's currently available books for much less than retail, and then you'd also get EVERY eBook they release this year through their site!  If you don't have or don't want to buy an eReader, there are plenty of Apps and software you can use to read these books on your computer.  If you already have a Kindle, then what are you waiting for?  Go get yourself a mess of fine horror goodness!  But hurry, this deal ends very soon!


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