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News Article

This Chandelier Transforms Your Bedroom Into a Haunted Forest


Spooky is sometimes just a matter of perspective – as you'll see when this sculpted chandelier is switched on, casting long shadows of twisted, thorny tree branches on every wall.


Based on the drawings of naturalist Ernst Haeckel, “Forms in Nature” by artists Thyra Hilden & Pio Diaz can transform just about any room into a darkly inviting enchanted forest. But some of us – especially youngsters with rampant imaginations – might fear what shadowy presence might be lurking behind those magical trees at night.


A close-up look at the piece itself reveals a more fluid, fractal shape, which may also call to mind the swirling, formless demon from the 1999 remake of House on Haunted Hill... again, not something everyone would want to close their eyes to.


You can see more images of this enchanting creation at the art & design site Demilked and the artists' official blog, and be sure to check out the video below...