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Charlaine Harris' 'Harper Connelly Mysteries' Headed for Syfy

Though Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels are her best-known work -- thanks in part to HBO's True Blood -- they're not the author's only series of supernatural thrillers. "The Harper Connelly Mysteries" center around another young woman with a paranormal ability -- the power to sense dead people, and, subsequently, how a person has died. Now these bestsellers will be adaptated for TV in a Syfy series named after the first book in the series -- Grave Sight. More after the jump.

It's a busy day for Syfy Channel news... Hot on the heels of the annoucement that the network will bring Stephen King's Eyes of the Dragon to television, Entertainment Weekly reports that "True Blood author Charlaine Harris might end up with another hit supernatural drama series on the air. Syfy has picked up the rights to her Harper Connelly Mysteries for a new series project in development titled Grave Sight."

"Harris' four-book series, launched in 2005, follows a young woman who was struck by lightning as a teenager. Now in her 20s, she senses the location and last memories of dead people. In the Syfy adaptation, Connelly teams up with her protective stepbrother, Tolliver Lang, to help find a missing teenage girl, only to uncover a network of lies and murders throughout a small town in the Ozarks.

"Kam Miller (Law and Order: SVU) is writing the pilot, which is being developed as a prospective drama series with Universal Cable Productions. Previously, CBS was developing a TV show based on the novels. Word that Syfy might have picked up the books first leaked onto some True Blood and Harris fan forums earlier this month."