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News Article

'Cheap Scares!: Low-Budget Filmmakers Share Their Secrets'


As we gear up for another avalanche of gore and body parts in the form of Greg Lamberson’s long-awaited sequel to his ‘80s cult flick Slime City, it’s a great time to take another look at the work ethic of this intrepid writer, producer, director and all-around cool cat. He’s worked just about every angle of the low-budget horror biz, and he’s got the scars to prove it.

And prove it he does, along with several other notable filmmakers (including Roy Frumkes, Larry Fessenden and Brett Piper) on the pages of this funny, intense and insightful memoir from the indie-film battlefield. Not only do Lamberson and his peers explain every step of the concept-to-screen process, they also illustrate the dangers awaiting aspiring auteurs at each turn… some of these stories may scare you more than the films themselves.

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