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Check Out This 25 Years Of Chucky MegaMix


This has been a big week for Chucky fans! Earlier this week, we got not only a Blu-Ray box set collecting all of the 'Child's Play' films, but a brand new 'Child's Play' sequel 'Curse Of Chucky' written & directed by Don Mancini. And so, we've just been given this bizarre 25 years of Chucky tribute video. I say bizarre because it's a "megamix" by Mike Relm. You'll either find this "mix" terribly annoying, or maybe you'll find it charming and awesome. I fall somewhere in the middle as I've always found anything Chucky related irresistible. Have a peek below!

Also, can't get enough Chucky? Read our review of 'Curse Of Chucky' by Scott Weinberg, our interviews with series creator Don Mancini, as well as Ed Gale, the man in the Chucky suit. John Squires also whipped up this great piece showcasing the best Chucky toys on the market!