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Check Out The 2nd Trailer For Metallica's 'Through The Never'


Metallica Through The Never Comic-Con 2013

Metallica closed out the festivities at Comic-Con on Friday night with a live performance, and it was just in time to celebrate the brand new trailer for their upcoming epic IMAX 3D movie 'Through The Never.' Directed by Nimrod Antal ('Predators'), the hybrid live concert film and partially narrative feature follows their roadie Trip (Dane Dehaan of 'Chronicle') who takes to the streets during one of the band's live sets on a mission that gets a bit crazy. If you want a better idea of what I mean, check out the trailer below and you can also watch the first teaser trailer at our previous news piece. Advance tickets for the exclusive 3D IMAX screenings of 'Through The Never' which opens on September 27th are now on sale. The movie plays in theaters everywhere October 4th. For more details visit the official movie website