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Check Out the 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' 8-Bit Game


No, you can't actually play it, but this is still pretty damn awesome. The creative souls at Freddiew Gamez have come up with gameplay footage for an Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 8-bit video game, in which you can swing Honest Abe's axe, chopping vamps into all sorts of crudely-rendered pieces. You can catch the movie in theaters today.

Here's how Freddiew Gamez describes the game: "If the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter had an old-school 8-bit sidescrolling beat 'em up, I bet it'd look like this! Are you a bad enough dude to play as the 16th President?" The animation is by Clandesdyne, which specializes in custom-made video games. Here are the credits:

Lauren Adams
Nathan Adams
Wesley Adams
Lauren Briedenbaugh
Benjamin Diehl
Bruce Lindman
Sam Waller

Chuck Agin

Jimmy Wong