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Check Out This Amazing Haunted Mansion-Themed Wedding


I've always thought people who had Disney-themed weddings were a little weird. But then I saw this couple's Haunted Mansion-themed wedding and changed my tune. These pictures are amazing, and it looks like the bride and groom (and their friends and family) went out of their way to recreate all the little details of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

The invitations folded like like the gates outside the ride. The plaque that greets you on cracked columns outside of the ride were recreated to welcome people to the wedding. Hitchhiking ghosts provided decoration and directions to lost guests. They also decorated handmade place cards.

The wedding cake - created by the mother-of-the-bride - is a replica of the Disneyland mansion. The couple sat in front of a wall covered with the Mansion's infamous eyeball wallpaper, and the gallery of ghostly portraits from the hallway are secured behind replicas of the bat-topped stanchions that keep the ride's line in check. A friend loaned the couple some sculptures he recreated from the graveyard scene at the end of the ride.

And naturally, the couple honeymooned in France, where they visited the Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris. More photos and details can be found at Midnight in the Garden of Evil.

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