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News Article

Check Out "Dimmu Borgir" by Dimmu Borgir!

No, you're not seeing double – that's the new self-titled single & video from Norwegian epic metallers Dimmu Borgir, and the band's mighty satanic anthem from their new album Abrahadabra – a record which, by the way, made it to FEARnet's top music picks for 2010 mostly for its sheer outrageous massiveness. The new video just hit the web and you can watch it after the jump, so come on in and give it a scan!

Ironically, of all the sweeping symphonic metal cuts on Abrahadabra, “Dimmu Borgir” isn't quite up to the epic promise of its title – but after all, when you've got two decades' worth of music under your spiked belts and you finally decide to name a song after yourself, you're probably setting the bar impossibly high. Still, this is unquestionably a Dimmu song, with choral chants, down-tempo riffs and pensive, threatening lead guitar lines that lend it the feel of a black mass processional. The video's production is also scaled down a bit compared to the previous clip for “Gateways” – but hey, it's got fire and wolves in it, and we're total pushovers for that stuff.

Check it out!