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Check Out Director Steve Daniels' 'T Is for Termite' and 'Dirty Silverware'

If any of you happen to follow my updates on Icons of Fright, then you'd know that I'm a huge advocate of independent filmmaker Steve Daniels. I first became familiar with Steve through his impressive 16 mm black-and-white short The Gibbering Horror of Howard Ghormley which appeared on the Fangoria produced Blood Drive Volume 2 DVD, and which also won several awards on the festival circuit, as well as great praise from Master Of Horror Stuart Gordon.  Since that Fangoria DVD release back in 2006, Daniels has continued to crank out short after short and was recently a finalist in the ABCs Of Death short film competition for his film T Is For Termite. Watch that one and Steve's latest short, Dirty Silverware, after the jump.

Now after a healthy festival run these last few months, Steve Daniels' latest short Dirty Silverware is available on-line. The imagination and ingenuity in Daniel's filmmaking is evident in all his shorts, but in particular this one really showcases what he's capable of. He's in my opinion the Southern Guillermo del Toro and if you're unfamiliar with him now, you won't be for long.

Written, shot and directed by Daniels, Dirty Silverware is about a man who travels deep into the forest to stop an ancient creature from creating cursed silverware that brings unhappiness to the world. This unique little fairy tale snagged best short honors at the Sitges Film Festival, the 2011 BRONZE Toronto After Dark Fest and was an official Selection of the HP Lovecraft Film Fest 2011, as well as Fantastic Fest 2011. See it for yourself below!

Check out more of Steve Daniels' work via his vimeo and You Tube pages.