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Check Out ETID's Creepy New 'Wanderlust' Video

Part of the build-up to fifth album New Junk Aesthetic from Buffalo rockers Every Time I Die includes the ass-kicking single Wanderlust. The video for that track is now live, and it's as trippy as they come, thanks to the nightmarish album artwork by guitarist Jordan Buckley, whose works not only adorn the new album art but also spring to evil life in the dark corridors of this twisted clip. We're going to be chatting with Jordan's brother Keith – the band's lead singer, and a huge horror buff – on these pages very soon. But in the meantime, check out the demented new vid below!

The Wanderlust video was shot by acclaimed director Chris Sims (who's worked with artists like Lamb of God) and is set entirely in an low-lit, abandoned hotel with band members performing in separate rooms while Keith wanders through the darkened hallways, encountering one of his brother's animated freakazoid creations behind every door. It's also one brain-meltingly heavy tune from a band who knows how to crazy it up.

New Junk Aesthetic hits stores on September 15th, but before then I'll be sharing some quality time talking horror flicks with Keith. Stay tuned... but first, viddy this!