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Check Out This Full-Motion Poster for 'Last Exorcism Part II”



To mark the beginning of the Catholic tradition of Lent in a uniquely creepy way, producer Eli Roth and company have unveiled this new animated poster for The Last Exorcism Part II, which is slated to hit theaters March 1st.


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Directed and co-written by Ed Gass-Donnelly, the sequel (which is not in found-footage format like its predecessor) picks up immediately after the apocalyptic climax of The Last Exorcism, the sequel finds Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell, returning) in rural Louisiana with no memory of those horrific events. Once relocated to New Orleans, Nell's attempts to begin a new life are cut short by the return of the evil force that once possessed her.
The filmmakers have also shared some interesting exorcism trivia, compiled by Dr. Ysamur M. Flores-Peña of UCLA: 
1. 42% of Americans believe in possession by the devil.
2. There are dozens of references of Jesus exorcising demons in the Gospels.
3. Exorcisms can be done on inanimate objects or places as well as on people. These need not be "real exorcisms" but can be "simple exorcisms" (usually thought of as baptizing the infant or "blessing" the house or place).
4. By conservative estimates, there are at least five or six hundred evangelical exorcism ministries in operation today, and quite possibly two or three times this many.
5. The Catholic Church has at least 10 official exorcists in the US.
Check out this TV spot for the film, which premiered exclusively on FEARnet: