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Check Out the New 'FDR: American Badass' Poster

FDR: American Badass is starting to look like exactly the kind of lunacy we here at FEARnet love. A historical horror-comedy mash-up that finds the 32nd President of the United States battling Nazi werewolves in his weaponized wheelchair, the film stars a cavalcade of familiar genre faces and its trailer promises enough moxie to give Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a run for its money. After the jump, check out the full art for the film's first poster.

The following FDR: American Badass poster, by artist Nate Merritt -- who's also done a series of Jackass-themed paintings -- comes to us courtesy of actor Jesse Merlin, who plays the film's Hitler. Says Merlin, "FDR isn't even out yet and we're spawning fan art.  Pretty sweet."

Since this image looks too good to exist as merely a file on my computer (and calls to mind the work of some of the great MAD magazine artists like Mort Drucker), let's start making some noise. How many of you would like to see this art produced as a print?