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News Article

Check Out the Trailer and a Clip from 'Zombie Murder Explosion Die!'

We've had The Walking Dead for two seasons now, so it was just a matter of time before someone launched a zombie animated series. Yes, get ready for Zombie Murder Explosion Die!, premiering on Machinima on February 6th. Check out the trailer and a clip from the first episode after the jump.

Here's how Machinima describes Zombie Murder Explosion Die!...

"ZMED guarantees each of the things in its title in every episode! Zombies, Murder, Explosions, and Death! Lots and lots of zombie death! What's not to like, right? The series follows our tech-addicted teens as they epic fail their way through a zombie apocalypse. We have no idea how these guys are surviving cause zombies are mean motherf*ckers! And our guys have no survival skills...well, except for Jack."

For more, check out  the official Zombie Murder Explosion Die! website.