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Check Out the Trailer and the Exclusive Poster for Drew Daywalt and G4's 'Kart Driver'

Last week we directed your attention to director Joe Lynch's partnership with G4 to produce new horror shorts for's month-long Epictober Film Festival. Each of these three shorts is based on a classic video game: The Hunt (based on Duck Hunt), Birds of Anger (based on Angry Birds), and Kart Driver (based on Mario Kart). Now we just got an exclusive look at the poster art for Kart Driver, directed by filmmaker and FEARnet blogger Drew Daywalt, as well as the film's hilarious trailer (a parody of the new Ryan Gosling thriller Drive). Check 'em out after the jump.

Drew Daywalt tells us, 'Joe Lynch, Stephen Johnson and I had the crazy idea of making a sort of gonzo action/horror tension piece that combined the styles of Gaspar Noe (Irreversible) and Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, but revolving around Mario's love for Pauline, his first and truest love from the original 1981 Donkey Kong game. And hey, how can you not want to make that film?"

Here's the synopsis for Kart Driver...

Nintendo's beloved Mario Kart franchise is one of the most highly-regarded and historic video game franchises ever and director Drew Daywalt's short film "Kart Driver" will give the legendary racing game a darker, deadlier spin.  Fury and obsession leads a heroic plumber to seek out and bring home his damsel in distress, the girl of his dreams, even if it means facing off with a creature from the very bowels of hell. Director Drew Daywalt is a founding member of FEWDIO, the world's first online Horror Troupe, dedicated to all things dark and fantastical.  Daywalt recently directed three episodes of the new MTV Horror-comedy television series "Death Valley." He also recently completed the screenplay for the remake of "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" for George Romero. "Kart Driver" debuts on on October 25.

 And here's the trailer...

 All three of these short films can be seen exclusively online at