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News Article

Check Out Two New 'Walking Dead' Season 2 Promos


So you say this whole waiting-until-September-16th-for-the-Walking-Dead-Season-2-premiere thing just isn't working out for you? Well, sorry kiddos, but even the gods sitting atop Mount FEARnet can't speed up time. But we can direct your attention to two new video promos for the show that have appeared online. Check 'em out after the jump.

In the first clip below, AMC really plays up the horror aspect of the new season of The Walking Dead. Let's hope they're not just teasing. While the show's first season was a huge hit amongst fright fans, it could have offered just a little bit more in the scares department. The second clip highlights The Walking Dead's spirituality, appealing to the religious side of audiences. No surprise there, since the show is also wildly popular in the Bible Belt (which may shun more morally ambiguous AMC series like Mad Men and Breaking Dead). Just so long as, in the end, we're expected to scream more than cry, I'm cool.