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News Article

Check Out Video of Spain's REC Terror Walk!


When I think back on the most geniunely frightening horror films of the last several years, not all that many titles come to mind.  Right at the tippy top of that all too short list is 2007's REC, the Spanish found-footage flick that plays out like a walkthrough of the world's most terrifying haunted house.  Perfect fodder for a Halloween attraction?  To say the least!

Though the REC franchise may not be big enough here in the states to warrant an attraction at somewhere like Universal Studios, that's precisely the treatment the series has gotten over in its home country of Spain.  The PortAventura Theme Park has added The REC Terror Walk to their roster of attractions this year, a 15-minute experience that invites you into the movies and brings the most terrifying and iconic moments from the series to life.

Just because the attraction is exclusive to Spain, that doesn't mean those that live elsewhere can't take in the sights and sounds on display inside - we live in the internet age, after all.  Check out a video walkthrough of the REC Terror Maze below, which comes to us courtesy of YouTube channel VideoReviewParks!


Learn more over on the PortAventura website.