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News Article

'Chewbacca' Bat Found Deep in Africa


Its scientific name is Triaenops persicus, but you can call him the Chewbacca bat. Scientists in Mozambique found Chewy nestled deep into the heart of the Gorongosa National Park, a wildlife preserve that conservationists are fighting to bring back from the brink of destruction after decades of civil war destroyed the forest and decimated its wildlife.

The Chewbacca bat is named for its discoverer, John Chewbacca. No, of course it isn't - it is named for its resemblance to the Star Wars Wookie. Personally, I don't really see it - the bat is missing Chewy's kick-ass bandolier - but he is damned cute. Chewy is one of 1200 new species of plants and wildlife that were discovered during a four-week biodiversity study that took place in April.

Other notable creatures discovered in Gorongosa include a kind of frog that runs instead of hops; a species of ants that are physically incapable of walking or standing on flat surfaces; and giant beetles (some of which emit farts the likes of which humans have never experienced).

Source: CNN