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Chickenhawk Zombie Teaser - 'Do You Like It?'

We got a tip today about a new music video coming out soon from UK indie hard-rockers Chickenhawk for the single I Hate This, Do You Like It? The answer to that musical question probably gonna be “hell yeah!” thanks to the presence of a couple hundred rampaging, gut-munching zombies… plus it’s a seriously brutal track too. Check out the teaser for the video now!

The directing debut of Danny North (of music mag NME), who worked with the Roach Productions team, the I Hate This video features a cast of over 200 zombie extras, who stormed the streets of Leeds over a four-day shooting schedule. And pretty athletic zombies too – these chaps are obviously not graduates of the George Romero shambling-ghoul school, but more in the 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead remake mode. Also, from the look of things, North don’t skimp on the red stuff, as there’s some serious intestinal snacking going on here.

Check out the teaser below… and be sure to stay tuned for the full version, which you can see on September 7th.