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Chthonic's 'Rhythm Crusher' App Fuses Metal and Horror



Musicians have been launching music-themed game apps for years now, most of which are either variations on console-style music games or simply feature the band's music behind the game action. But when Chthonic, the biggest-ever band in their native Taiwan, got involved in the app biz, they put their own dark and bloody stamp on the game concept.
Rhythm Crusher, which the band launched internationally earlier this year for IOS, is on the surface a straightforward rhythm game in which the player unlocks levels by accurately matching the beats of a song. But in addition to some sick metal tracks (spanning the band's 6 albums) and horror graphics, Rhythm Crusher also includes an online “versus mode” multi-player feature. But that's only the half of it: the members of Chthonic have recently been inviting fans to challenge them in live tournaments... and the band is really good at this game. The most recent of those happened last weekend, with the band's vocalist Freddy Lim, bassist Doris Yeh and guitarist Jesse Liu joining the battle; the winning fan went home with a new iPad Mini, although Lim actually scored the top spot.
Rhythm Crusher is available worldwide via the iTunes App Store, and you can find out more about it on the game's official site... as well as in the gameplay demo below: