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News Article

'Chuck' Star Vik Sahay Joins 'Devil Inside' Director William Brent Bell's Werewolf Movie

Things are about to get hairy for actor Vik Sahay. The Chuck and American Reunion star has been cast in a lead role in Devil Inside director William Brent Bell's werewolf movie Wer. More after the jump.

According to a press release we just received, "Vik Sahay, who can currently be seen in the Universal comedy American Reunion has officially been cast in one of the three lead roles in the horror flick WER. Sahay joins A.J. Cook (Criminal Minds), Simon Quarterman (The Devil Inside) and Brian J. O'Connor (Epic Movie) to round up the lead cast in William Brent Bell's werewolf flick WER. The story takes place in Paris and deals with the gruesome slaying of an American family. Sahay plays Eric Sarin, a lead member of the investigating team and long time partner of defense attorney Kate Moore (Cook.) Despite doubts about the main murder suspect Talan Gwynek (O'Connor), Eric supports Kate in building a defense case and is resolute on keeping Gwynek alive for evolutionary research."

"According to Sahay, his character and the world William Brent Bell and Matt Peterman created were just too interesting to walk away from. 'At first I struggled making the decision to do the film because I was offered a TV pilot and have had such a great experience with television,' said Sahay 'But I haven't done much horror in the past and thanks to William and Matt's script, I will be taken back into dramatic waters after many wonderful years in comedy.'

"The US-Canadian actor is best known for his comedic roles in the NBC series Chuck, and films like American Reunion, The Rocker and Good Will Hunting. Sahay said he likes that mystery that the best in the horror genre have 'I am fascinated by that enigmatic pull into the unknown that keeps us coming back to films like The Exorcist and I have a special place in my heart for film and for shooting on location, which allows a complete immersion into the work. Also, coming off an incomparable fan experience like Chuck and knowing how passionate horror fans are, I am looking forward to redeeming myself to the horror family.'

"WER started shooting in Bucharest, Romania and is produced by FilmDistrict (Insidious, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark,) Sierra/Affinity and the Incentive Filmed Entertainment Fund and directed by The Devil Inside director William Brent Bell. Sahay is repped by Angelo Padilla at Don Buchwald & Assoc./ Fortitude and Tiffany Kuzon at Evolution Entertainment."