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Chucky Attacks Again in Another Bus Stop Scare Prank


Chucky scare prank

This past June, we showed you a hilarious montage from a Brazilian prank show, where they dressed up a diminutive actor as Chucky and put him behind a bus stop poster for a faux Child's Play sequel. Of course, when unsuspecting bus patrons came close to the poster, 'Chucky' lunged out at and scared the crap out of them. Now, a similar video has surfaced, which would appear to be inspired by that prank.

In this more recent one, the Chucky prank is given a bigger budgeted makeover, apparently in promotion of the November home video release of Curse of Chucky, over in Brazil. It's much the same set up as the one from this past summer, only the actor looks a whole lot more like Chucky, and the execution of the prank is a wee bit scarier than the one it was inspired by. And when I say a wee bit, I mean that as a serious understatement.

Check out video of the hilarious scare prank below, which takes the terror to a whole new level!

Now that's how you market a horror movie!