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Cinefamily Presents the United States of Horror


Earlier today we alerted you to the special Halloween screenings at the American Cinematheque. They aren't the only Halloween game in Los Angeles. Cinefamily has announced their 30 midnights program for Halloween. Last year the focus was on video nasties; this year it is the United States of Horror, a "cross-country death trip, with each night celebrating a different state of the Union, and regional horror filmmaking of all stripes. Whether it's unknown directors toiling away on backyard labors of love, or itinerant auteurs falling in love with and shooting an unfamiliar landscape as if it was their own, this series' thirty entries provide a vibrant overview of our nation's hidden horror history." Sounds way safer than taking an actual roadtrip.

Your itinerary:

Tuesday, Oct. 1st, midnight – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Equinox
Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, midnight – ARIZONA: White of the Eye (producer Brad Wyman in person!)
Thursday, Oct. 3rd, midnight – NEVADA: Tremors
Friday, Oct. 4th, midnight – NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: The Manitou
Saturday, Oct. 5th, midnight – OREGON: Just Before Dawn
Sunday, Oct. 6th, midnight – IDAHO: The Being
Monday, Oct. 7th, midnight – UTAH: Troll 2
Tuesday, Oct. 8th, midnight – NEBRASKA: Hex (composer Charles Bernstein in person!)
Wednesday, Oct. 9th, midnight – KANSAS: Carnival of Souls
Thursday, Oct. 10th, midnight – MISSOURI: Ernest Scared Stupid
Friday, Oct. 11th, midnight – KENTUCKY: Abby
Saturday, Oct. 12th, midnight – ILLINOIS: Bleeding Skull presents Chester Turner, LIVE (feat. “Black Devil Doll From Hell” & “Tales From The Quadead Zone”)
Sunday, Oct. 13th, midnight – MICHIGAN: Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
Monday, Oct. 14th, midnight – OHIO: Homebodies
Tuesday, Oct. 15th, midnight – PENNSYLVANIA: Martin
Wednesday, Oct. 16th, midnight – MASSACHUSETTS: The House By The Cemetery
Thursday, Oct. 17th, midnight – VERMONT: Dark August
Friday, Oct. 18th, midnight – UPSTATE NEW YORK: Last House on Dead End Street
Saturday, Oct. 19th, midnight – NEW YORK CITY: Basket Case
Sunday, Oct. 20th, midnight – NEW JERSEY: The Deadly Spawn
Monday, Oct. 21st, midnight – MARYLAND: The Alien Factor
Tuesday, Oct. 22th, midnight – GEORGIA: Squirm
Wednesday, Oct. 23rd, 10PM – FLORIDA: Shakma + Shock Waves
Thursday, Oct. 24th, midnight – MISSISSIPPI: If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?
Saturday, Oct. 26th, midnight – TENNESSEE: The Evil Dead
Sunday, Oct. 27th, midnight – ARKANSAS: The Town That Dreaded Sundown
Monday, Oct. 28th, midnight – TEXAS: Eaten Alive
Tuesday, Oct. 29th, midnight – COLORADO: Endangered Species
Wednesday, Oct. 30th, midnight – NEW MEXICO: The Brotherhood of Satan
Thursday, Oct. 31st, midnight – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Chopping Mall (director Jim Wynorski in person!) 

What is life without a little competition? Those who see the most films in the United States of Horror series will be entered for a chance to win a night programming your own lineup.

For more info and to buy tickets, head over to