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News Article

Cinema Sins Breaks Down ‘Resident Evil’


Paul W.S. Anderson’s take on Capcom’s Resident Evil is an incredibly divisive topic.  On one hand, his cinematic treatments come across as tepid sci-fi action-horror with just enough RE fan service to earn the title.  On the other hand, they’ve made revolting amounts of money so they might not really care how faithful they are to the source material.

Regardless of your opinion of the movies as adaptations of the games, Cinema Sins has broken down all of the plot holes, continuity errors, and leaps in logic that the first film had in “Everything Wrong with Resident Evil in 7 Minutes or Less.”  Sure, some of the sins they pick on are a little nit-picky, particularly in reference to the 2002-era CGI, but it’s a genuine hoot to watch.