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Climb the 'Cursed Mountain'

It’s damned weird to me that Nintendo’s family-friendly Wii is the new go-to console for survival horror.  Multiple Resident Evil titles, the Silent Hill remake, Feel, Suda51’s Fatal Frame sequel, and Dead Space: Extraction are soon going to be joined by Deep Silver’s Cursed Mountain.

As reported on the newly-launched official site, the game has you stepping in the climbing shoes of “world-renowned mountaineer” Eric Simmons as he tries to find his missing brother in the mountains of Tibet.  Unfortunately for him, the game isn’t called “Benign Mountain,” thus he faces off against ghosts and demons in the search for his lost sibling, including monstrous Buddhist monks. Guess that’s one of those details they kinda glossed over in those Students for a Free Tibet meetings in high school.

The site features a dearth of info at the moment, offering up only a few screenshots and some other teasers, but I anticipate that to change in the coming months, much like Bioshock 2’s Something in the Sea.

Cursed Mountain is due out in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii.