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Climb Into 'The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror'


The Simpsons are back with the twenty-first installment of Treehouse of Horror, and frankly, it looks like a promising episode.  Of course, there is the obligatory Twilight spoof, with Lisa falling for Edmund and running off to Dracula-la Land with him.  Daniel Radcliffe guests as Edmund.  Hit the jump to find out about the other two segments this season.

"War and Pieces" sees Marge taking away Bart and Milhouse's violent video games and replacing them with "wholesome" board games.  Of course, the games turn out to be all too real.

The final segment is "Master and Cadaver."  Marge and Homer interrupt their second honeymoon to rescue a castaway.  They begin to suspect he is plotting to kill them, and "take matters into their own hands."  Hugh Laurie voices Roger the castaway.

Treehouse of Horror XXI will air November 7th on Fox, a bizarre scheduling tradition that first started to work around major league baseball's post-season.  I prefer to think of it as an extra week of Halloween cheer.