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News Article

Collide Helps Launch 'Spaced Out' New Project


After nearly two decades of independently producing and selling their own material, sexy goth-rock duo Collide are now releasing the work of another artist through their own label, Noiseplus Music. According to Collide's core members KaRIN and Statik, their rewarding past team-ups with multi-talented artist/producer Dean Garcia (of UK band Curve) was the catalyst that inspired them to back his new project. Find out more about this tenebrous team-up after the jump...

Although KaRIN and Statik initially formed Noiseplus exclusively for releasing Collide's music, they admitted they could not resist boosting Garcia's new venture SPC ECO (pronounced “Space Echo” after a beloved vintage reverb effect), which also features vocalist Rose Berlin (who also did the promotional art for the CD) and guitarist Joey Levenson. Garcia had previously worked with Collide in darkwave supergroup The Secret Meeting for their 2007 CD Ultrashiver.

Collide expressed their enthusiasm in a press release this week, proclaiming SCP ECO's debut release 3-D to be “a brilliant ride... a spaced out hybrid of 'nu gaze tripadelica' that combines soul-lifting, mind expanding, heart soothing bliss with monolithic beats, heavy bass grooves and layers of effects... a beautiful cacophony of ambient noise echoes.” The 11-track album also features bonus remixes by Tim Holmes and frequent NIN collaborator Alan Moulder.

The CD is slated for release on April 21st, but in the meantime you can preview the tracks at the Noiseplus store.