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'Community' Goes Full 'Beetlejuice'

NBC's Community has become a favorite of pop culture fanatics, thanks to its clever parodies of things like Dungeons & Dragons and Goodfellas. But horror fans have special reason to love the sitcom, thanks to two outstanding Halloween episodes -- a second season zombie comedy that gives Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland a run for their money (and set to a soundtrack consisting almost entirely of Abba hits); and this year's "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps". The latter episode contains a throwaway bit sure to bring a smile to the face of any maven of the macabre, as it involves the Ghost with the Most himself, Beetlejuice. More after the jump.

Each season of Community has seen a character say the name Beetlejuice exactly once. And this year, the name was uttered, appropriately enough, during the Halloween episode. Since this is the show's third season, the name has now been said three times; and if you're a fan of Tim Burton's 1988 comedy spookshow then you know what that means. Check out  the following viral video, which puts the pieces of this truly epic gag together...

Here's hoping Commmunity has many more years left to it for lots more of this kind of silliness. NBC failed to include the series in its recent midseason schedule announcement, prompting an outcry from devoted fans. But the network has assured viewers that Community will return next year at a time as of yet unannounced.