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Could Cronenberg Take On 'The Hunger Games'?

With The Hunger Games an unmitigated success, it came as a surprise to many that director Gary Ross would leave the franchise after only one film. Some cite money quibbles; others say it is a scheduling issue. Either way, Ross will not be back but the list of directors who may potentially take his place is quite interesting - starting with David Cronenberg.

The main concern with finding a new director is not so much commerciality, but finding the perfect fit. Lionsgate wants Catching Fire, the second in the trilogy, to go into production by August, and they want to make sure that novel author Suzanne Collins is happy with who they choose. Collins has been highly involved with the film project and collaborated closely with Ross. Personally, I was not a fan of Ross's direction in The Hunger Games. He shot far too much of the film in close-up, which was especially maddening in action scenes like the final battle, and seemed to go out of his way to shoot frenetic, "found-footage" style.

At the top of the list is David Cronenberg, who naturally sounds like a dream choice to me. But Cronenberg has a tendency to go with artsy, indie flicks that have a heavy psychosexual slant. I don't think Cronenberg has ever released a PG-13 film, which might be tough on a film geared towards teens and tweens.

Also at the top of the unofficial list is Alfonso Cuaron, who proved he can step away from edgier fare like Y Tu Mama Tambien and Children of Men when he stepped into the Harry Potter franchise to critical acclaim; and Cuaron's collaborator and friend Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Babel, Biutiful).

Source: LA Times