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Countdown to ‘DmC’ Day 2 – Same Characters, New Universe



Capcom and Ninja Theory are returning to the demon-hunting franchise Devil May Cry with the raucous reboot DmC Devil May Cry, which casts the sarcastic son of Sparda in a new light.  Join us for the next 4 days as we discuss Devil May Cry, both old and new, leading up to the game’s release.

We’ve already spent Day 1 as a quick refresher course on the original anthology’s cast of characters, and today you’ll better understand why.  Ninja Theory has taken an interesting angle on Capcom’s well-known and well-loved characters, injecting them into a new universe with new rules and new threats to overcome.  This is certainly not the Devil May Cry you know, but it’s definitely got an interesting flavor all its own.


Losing the white hair and the business sense, Dante is now a rebellious young man who is blessed and cursed with the mantle of a Nephilim—the product of a demonic father and angelic mother. He is blessed, because he boasts the heightened abilities and weapons of both his supernatural parents; cursed, because he’s also one of the few people that can see the truth behind the demonic forces that have subjugated the human race. He quickly goes from careless rabble-rouser to fearless freedom fighter upon his invitation to The Order, the anti-establishment movement started by…


Dante’s twin brother from whom he was separated after the death of their mother, Vergil has taken the fight to the demons with The Order, the movement he leads behind a grinning silver mask. Much like the previous games in the series, Vergil is the emotional opposite of Dante, conducting himself in a calm, orderly fashion in the face of insurmountable odds, while Dante throws himself headfirst into the fray. He is helped in his systematic takedown of the demon regime by…


Little is known about Vergil’s mysterious ward Kat, a hoodie-wearing witch who uses her ability of astral projection to assist Dante on his trek through the demonic dimension of Limbo. While her appearance in Limbo is ghostly, her invaluable assistance and magical knowledge makes her more than just an apparition.


The leader of the powerful demon regime, Mundus has incalculable power, both literal and political. He uses the Raptor News Network and the mysterious energy drink Virility to subjugate the human populace, while wearing a human mask to maintain the ruse.

Join us tomorrow for Countdown to DmC Day 3 – New Ways to Kill, New Ways to Die right here at FEARnet!

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