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Countdown to ‘DmC’ Day 3 – New Ways to Kill, New Ways to Die



Capcom and Ninja Theory are returning to the demon-hunting franchise Devil May Cry with the raucous reboot DmC Devil May Cry, which casts the sarcastic son of Sparda in a new light.  Join us for the next 4 days as we discuss Devil May Cry, both old and new, leading up to the game’s release.

Day 1 and Day 2 focused on the characters of Devil May Cry and their updated versions in DmC Devil May Cry.  However, in a game that’s almost completely focused on acrobatic combat with a little rapid-fire gunplay for variety, the weapons become almost as important to the experience as the protagonists and antagonists of the story.

Dante, of course, will still sport his unholy trinity of armaments: his sword Rebellion, and his dual pistols Ebony and Ivory (side note: why hasn’t John Woo been approached to do a Devil May Cry movie?) which he will still use to stylishly slaughter the game’s demonic denizens.  These will be joined by several other weapons, both angelic and demonic (remember what we discussed in Day 2?), including…

Arbiter: A demonic axe that delivers a series of slow, heavy blows that can stun enemies or break through their shields

Osiris: An angelic scythe with fast, draining attacks that can keep even the largest of demon crowds at bay.

Eryx: A pair of vicious demonic gauntlets that can parry against the strongest attacks and can fell even the mightiest of foes.  These are fantastic for some of the game’s more sizable and heavily armored foes.

There are several other weapons that Dante will receive over the course of the game, but let’s keep a little mystery here, shall we?

All of these fancy new weapons will be worthless without the appropriate enemies to fell as snazzily as possible, and DmC Devil May Cry delivers them by the fistful to fall to your blades and bullets.  There are countless “fodder” type enemies to push your combo meter up to that elusive SSS score, but the game will have you constantly rethinking your strategy with powerhouse demons to test your mettle.

Tyrant: Much like another Capcom franchise, the Tyrant is a charging juggernaut that will do everything in his power to reduce you to Nephilim paste.  Speed, the right weapons, and a little luck will be key in defeating this powerful foe.

Rage: Giants rats with porcupine quills.  Really, what else is there to say?  Oh, how about the fact that the porcupine quills require a lightning fast trigger finger to eliminate, even as the giant rat part is trying to chew your face off?  Or the fact that there are different varieties that require specific weapons to reduce them to a cluster of orbs? 

Succubus: I always thought that Succubi were supposed to take the form of beautiful women, but I guess Ninja Theory didn’t get that memo.  The Succubus is one of the game’s earlier bosses, and she certainly seems to be one of the ugliest.

Tomorrow marks the last day of our 4-day Countdown to DmC, and it’s the part you folks have all been waiting for.  Check back tomorrow for Countdown to DmC Day 4 – The Review.

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