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Countdown to 'DmC' - Day 1: The Devil You Know



Capcom and Ninja Theory are returning to the demon-hunting franchise Devil May Cry with the raucous reboot DmC Devil May Cry, which casts the sarcastic son of Sparda in a new light.  Join us for the next 4 days as we discuss Devil May Cry, both old and new, leading up to the game’s release.

With any reboot, there will always be discussion of the previous iteration, and what elements have been carried over and what elements have been changed.  With the last game, Devil May Cry 4, being released less than 5 years ago, there will be many comparisons between the previous franchise and DmC.  Let’s check out the characters as we know them from Devil May Cry.


The white-haired proprietor of Devil May Cry, Dante has dedicated his life to hunting down the wicked demons that he blames for the death of his mother, Eva, and the corruption of his twin brother Vergil.  He boasts enhanced abilities and senses due to his half-demonic heritage, borne of a human mother and the renegade demon Sparda.  The most prominent of his character traits is his brash, boastful attitude, openly mocking his foes before slaughtering them with his trademark sword Rebellion and his twin pistols Ebony and Ivory.


The cold and calculating yin to Dante’s over-the-top yang, Vergil is the diametric opposite of his twin brother Dante.  Vergil, unlike Dante, takes pride in his demonic bloodline and lusts for more power no matter what the cost.  Vergil relies almost exclusively on his sword, Yamato, all but refusing to use guns like his brother as he feels they aren’t the weapon of a true warrior.  Vergil is corrupted by the demon king Mundus at the end of Devil May Cry 3, becoming Mundus’ puppet as Nelo Angelo.


The main antagonist of the first Devil May Cry, Mundus attempted an invasion of the human realm only to be stopped by one of his generals, the Dark Knight Sparda.  Demanding revenge, Mundus sent his demon armies to slaughter Eva, Sparda’s human lover and the mother of Dante and Vergil, which birthed Dante’s burning hatred of demons.

There were several other characters from the original series that, as of now, have not been revealed to be in DmC, including Dante’s partner Trish, the mercenary Lady, and the enigmatic Nero.  How, or if, they figure into the new universe remains to be seen.

Join us tomorrow for Countdown to DmC - Day 2: Same Characters, New Universe, right here at FEARnet!