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Cradle Of Filth Announce 'Hallows' Release Info


Demonic UK metal icons Cradle of Filth have finalized their international release & distribution plans for the new mythological concept album All Hallows Eve, on which the band has been busily working this spring and summer. Hit the jump for the official release dates for this “darkly erotic nightmare” from the world's leading purveyors of “supreme vampyric metal”...

As we mentioned back in April, the follow-up to the band's 2008 release Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder isn't technically a Halloween-themed album as its title implies, but instead will focus on the demoness Lilith (the mythical first wife of Adam), interweaving her tale with songs about “Medieval nuns, Knights Templar, Greek mythology and lashings of sex, occult lore and violent bloodshed.”

All Hallows Eve won't quite make it to North American shores in time for Halloween, but will instead arrive on November 9th through Nuclear Blast Records, while European distribution will still be handled by Peaceville (home also to acclaimed metal acts like Katatonia and My Dying Bride) under the band's own label, AbraCadaver.

Cradle frontman Dani Filth welcomes the band's return to a more independent creative path (after working with major labels like Roadrunner and Sony to varying degrees of success), citing the tougher economic climate as “the perfect opportunity to start doing things our own way again, with the added benefit of being a far bigger fish in a proverbial pool, surrounded by people who have been handpicked to get the job best done. And more importantly... who still are hungry for the taste of music.”