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Cradle Of Filth Issues 'All Hallows Eve' Update


Legendary UK metallers Cradle of Filth have announced their return to the studio to record their next album All Hallows Eve – slated for release this October (oddly enough) under the indie label Peaceville Records. Another ambitious concept album in the mode of their earlier tributes to notorious figures like Countess Bathory (Cruelty and the Beast) and Gilles de Rais (2008’s Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder), the new record will be based on the legend of demoness Lilith, legendary first wife of Adam. More info lurks below, so turn the page!

According to the latest announcement from Peaceville, the current lineup of Cradle of Filth – comprised of founder/frontman Dani Filth, guitarists Paul Allender & Kames McIlroy, bassist David Pybus, drummer Martin Skaroupka and keyboardist Ashley Ellyllon – have been recording the new material at Suffolk-based Monkey Puzzle studios. The band declared that All Hallows Eve will cover a dark tapestry of horror, madness and twisted sex, fleshing out (literally) the Lilith legend by tapping into their favorite occult lore and throwing in references to Greek mythology and the Knights Templar, to name just a few.

This record also marks the band’s migration to an indie label after a short but fairly fruitful run with Roadrunner (and a much shorter and less successful stint with Sony). The band’s own long-running label, AbraCadaver, will finally have full creative control – allowing them, as they put it, to regain “mastery of their own destiny.” Frontman Dani says the time had come “to move away from the artistic restrictions [and] mindless inhibitions imposed by dwelling on a major label.”

More news on the album’s progress – and the upcoming promotional tour – is coming soon, so keep an evil eye on these pages!