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Crazed Sheep?

Ever here of ovinophobia? Well I sure haven’t… A new kind of horror is coming your way its called ‘Black Sheep’. Directed by New Zealander Jonathan King. The film is about psychotic sheep who turn on their farmers. Ummm one question in mind here, what’s with all the killer animal movies? First, an oversized underfed pig and now a herd of neurotic sheep …

According to, "It's the completely unfounded and irrational fear that one day this was going to happen," according to Henry, the lead character in the New Zealand horror film Black Sheep.

By "this" he means some of New Zealand's millions of sheep becoming psychotic and turning on farmers.

Black Sheep is the first film written and directed by New Zealander Jonathan King and, since its release in March, it has become the country's highest grossing horror movie.

Helping to round up the punters is the movie's poster tag-line:"There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand - and they're pissed off."

For low-budget horror movie buffs, the film may be described as Shaun of the Dead meets Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
The film centres around the character Henry (Nathan Meister) who as a child developed a fear of sheep - ovinophobia - following the death of his father.
Henry goes back to the farm he grew up on years later to discover his brother Angus (Peter Feeney) has been genetically modifying sheep, blending them with human DNA.

Environmental activists Experience (Danielle Mason) and Grant (Oliver Driver) try to find out what is happening and, as they say, all hell breaks loose.
King says the film took about three years to make from when he began writing the script, and cost well under $NZ10 million ($9 million).