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News Article

Create Your Own Haunted Videos and Win Tickets to 'Paranormal Activity 4'


Things going bump in the night? Haunted in your own home? Kinect-loving demon following you around?  Maybe not, but it would be kind of awesome to see what that is like, right?

Paranormal Activity wants you to create short videos inspired by the movie franchise, on your iPhone. Download the app here to add grainy filters, chilling sounds and disturbing images from the movies. Basically, the app will make your home movie look even more “found” and scare the pants off everyone.

Fans can share these vignettes with friends on Ptch, Facebook, Twitter and email and some talented folks may win free tickets.

“Starting today, fans that create and share their own Paranormal Activity inspired vignettes could win tickets to be among the first to see Paranormal Activity 4 in their local theater, as well as, other movie merchandise.  Winners will be chosen from a variety of categories including Most Popular (i.e. most shares, likes and views), Scariest, Most Realistic, and Most Tense.”

So, go find that weird kid who lives next door and get started.