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News Article

Creature Feature Giving Away New Single


“There's something strange down by the cemetery,” according LA horror-rock sensations Curtis RX and Erik X – better known to macabre music fans as Creature Feature. The due have posted their new track Grave Robber at Large, which they're now giving away as a free download. Hit the jump to read the story behind the song – inspired by the morbid corpse-peddling antics of infamous entrepreneurs Burke and Hare – and find out where you can dig up a copy for yourself!

The band's sly humor permeates the new track (which originally appeared on Rue Morgue Radio's compilation mix Hymns from the House of Horror), weaving a tale that's about as gothic as it gets.“Drastic times call for drastic measures,” the band writes on their official blog, “and as the dire doldrums of the 19th century set in, a new type of business opportunity presents itself to an enterprising few. Sickness ravages the streets, Modern medicine lingers in its infancy, and the human body still remains a mystery. When all is lost, sometimes the only way for a civilization to forge ahead, is to act uncivilized. Experiments must be executed, dissections must be conducted, answers must be found, but most of all, test subjects must be procured. The work of a grave robber is ghastly and dangerous indeed, but if you toss your conscience into the wind there are untold riches to be made from the recent deceased.”

You can play the song at Creature Feature's MySpace, and they've also uploaded the track to their Bandcamp home page where you can download it for free, as well as their previous single Death of a Doll Maker. Check 'em out!