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News Article

Creature Feature Wants to Know Your Sign, Baby!


Bitchin' LA horror-rock duo Creature Feature are throwing a bloody, gristle-encrusted bone to their rabid fans in the form of a new online contest... this time around, they're inviting participants to make their own Creature Feature signs, pose with them for a photo, and post it on the band's MySpace blog. So what's in it for you? Click on yonder link and find out!

The band are offering up the special edition DVD sets of Evil Dead and Evil Dead II (the clammy skin-bound “Book of the Dead” editions, of course) to the winning sign entry. Runners-up may also receive some “gruesome goodies” in the form of a care package which the guys plan to stuff with “plastic bats, spider rings, or rubber skeletons.” They even offered a few sample suggestions to get folks started, like “I Luvs Creature Feature,” “Creature Feature Stole My Soul” and “Creature Feature Can Has Cheezburger” (although the band later declared the last suggestion to be “a horrible idea”).

The deadline for entries is Midnight on Sunday, May 10th, and the band will pick the winners the following day. All entries must be posted as blog comments on the band's MySpace blog here, and the pics will also be posted to the band's MySpace photo album, and they will likely be adding their personal comments to them as they see fit. Note that you can enter as many times as you like.