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Creature Feature's Curtis Plays "Dead"


Curtis RX, multi-talented frontman of LA horror-rock band Creature Feature – and one of our personal faves – has lent his musical skills to the new macabre comedy web series Playing Dead, directed by long-time horror film veteran (and Evil Dead alumnus) Ted Raimi. The site is now up and running, and the first two “deathisodes” are now live. Hit the jump to find out how Ted met Curtis... and to watch the first chapter.

Playing Dead is a pitch-black comedy about an out-of-work actress (Suzanne Keilly, also the series' writer) who takes a part-time job as the Grim Reaper to pay the bills. According to Raimi, after editing the first episodes of Season One, he found himself hard-pressed to find a composer whose sensibilities matched the twisted humor of the series.

“I started culling through the net looking for great composers,” the director blogged yesterday on the series' official site. “There were lots of great guys out there... cinematic ones that sounded like Jerry Goldsmith, stripped down electro-pop ones that resembled A-Ha and goth-y doom-and-gloom composers that sounded like Peter Murphy in his better days. None of them were quite right. I didn’t feel they were capturing the 'off to left' nature of the comedy that Ms. Keilly had written.”

Frustrated, Ted turned to Twitter to share his dilemma... and the first response came from Curtis RX, whom the director initially thought might be a doctor. “Did he think I was depressed?” Raimi mused. “Sure. But I didn’t want to take any pills for it... unless they were really good pills.” To make a long story short, he took a listen to the sounds of Creature Feature and suddenly knew his musical quest was over.

“We talked on the phone a few times,” Raimi recalls. “We never mentioned the show much. We talked about famous horror hosts, Dracula, graphic novels, Shemp Howard… we were seeing if we could work together.” Raimi was happy to report that Curtis's skewed lyrical style was a natural fit for the series, and “really added the punch that I was hoping for.”

The first two “deathisodes” of Playing Dead are now live on the series site... but why not watch the first one right here?