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News Article

Creature Feature's Curtis Posts New Song


Curtis RX, co-founder of wild horror-rock unit Creature Feature, has been a busy fellow lately, taking on multiple projects both in and out of his inventive band – many of which are documented on his own official website, Villains and Vaudevillians. This week Curtis rolled out a new track on the site, and we've got it available for your listening pleasure after the jump... so come on in and give it a spin!

According to his blog, Curtis has been at work on all manner of creative weirdness – music and poetry, weird tales and bizarre news – and lately he's tried “jumping back and forth between all different kinds of genres.” His latest musical venture, entitled Once More, With Gusto, is still in the demo stage and is apparently part of a larger, yet-unnamed project... but Curtis is more than happy to present the demo as-is for your consideration.

“I'm sure this song will go through a few more metamorphoses,” he wrote in his most recent post, “but consider this the first edition... This song has been ripped out from the protective embrace of the womb and thrust out into the alien landscape of this new and dangerous world. It is afraid and all alone. It needs human contact and somebody to sit down and hear its tale.”

Now after a setup like that, it would be downright cruel not to give this little tune a big hug... it is the holiday season, after all. So go ahead and show Curtis and his newest creation a little love!