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News Article

Creature Feature's Curtis RX Spins Off New Site


California's hardest-working horror rockers Creature Feature have been turning out excellent tunes about cannibals, zombies, psychos and aliens for a couple of years now... but as frontman Curtis RX told us last fall, there have been so many other eerie experiments simmering in the band's laboratory of doom – screenplays, short stories, poems, artwork, webisodes, and so on – most of which come out of their nefarious production company, Last Man On Earth. In fact, so much stuff is brewing up in there that the band will very soon be revamping (pun intended) their official site. But in the meantime, Curtis also had to start up his own blog just to redirect the tide of creepy content. More on that action below the fold!

Newly-launched blog “Villains and Vaudevillians” is the official journal of Curtis's dastardly deeds as a self-proclaimed “ advocate of mischief and creator of turmoil.” In addition to the usual blog entries, Curtis will also be posting his poems and short stories, tour updates and documents from the road, his own short films, fan contests and “Weird History,” in which the artist will recount his misadventures and “essays about strange places shrouded in the mysterious.” He also claims that “no matter how shocking it may seem, every crimson ounce of it is true.”

We'll let you decide that for yourself by following this link, and be sure to add Curtis to your Twitter squadron while you're at it.