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Creepy New 'Montauk Chronicles' Trailer; Pre-Orders Begin


It's been a long time coming for 'Montauk Chronicles,' the follow-up documentary project from Christopher Garetano, the same filmmaker behind the award winning 'Horror Business' feature length. But the wait is finally over, as pre-order's for the films' DVD & Blu-Ray release (along with a vinyl version of the soundtrack) have gone up on the official 'Montauk Chronicles' website with a January 14th, 2014 date scheduled.

'Montauk Chronicles' examines the stories and legends that surround the alleged Montauk Project: A government program that kidnapped young teens for a wide range of sinister and phantasmagoric experiments. Garetano traveled to Montauk for a full analysis, and takes the audience into the homes of the men who claimed to have worked on the top secret "Montauk Project" to hear their first hand tales. The doc features interviews with Dr. Barry Taff ('The Entity'), rock musicians Art of Dying, Lee Spiegel ('Weird News,' Huffington Post), and psychic Qumran Taj. There are also reenactment portions starring Paul W. Ehlers ('Madman'), Chris Margaritis ('The Sopranos'), and Robert Garetano, which make for a unique and scary film experience. Check out the full trailer below to get an idea of what we mean. There's also a 'Montauk Chronicles' Facebook page which Garetano personally keeps fairly active, so definitely keep tabs over on there as well. Pre-order the movie now!