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News Article

This Creepy Stop-Motion Monster Movie Took Four Years to Make


Working mostly alone, Japanese artist and animator YAMIKEN devoted four years of his life to an incredibly creepy, visually stunning stop-motion apocalyptic tale entitled Junk Head 1.


The half-hour film is set in a dark future, where humans have become virtually immortal but lose the ability to reproduce. To replenish their workforce they create a race of clones, who finally rebel and are driven underground. Centuries later, when the humans discover the clones are reproducing, they decide to investigate...


Combining the surreal biomechanical themes of H.R. Giger with the dark humor of Tim Burton (a pretty tough concept to wrap your head around), the film somehow manages to be both whimsical and disturbing at the same time.


As its numerical title suggests, Junk Head 1 is the first in a planned series by YAMIKEN, who is currently seeking funding for the next installment. You can find out more at the series' official site, but first check out the full English-subtitled version here!