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'Creepy' Writer-Editor Dan Braun Names His Top 'Creepy' Stories


Dark Horse's new Creepy has been proudly upholding the iconic comic magazine's legacy with new stories from today's top horror comic creators as well as favorite talents from the original incarnation of Creepy (under Warren Publishing). I recently interviewed writer-editor Dan Braun, the keeper of all things Creepy these days, and I asked him to name his favorite stories from the original Creepy. Find our which tales made Braun's list after the jump.

When I asked Dan Braun to name his top Creepy stories, he replied, "My top stories of the moment (it changes weekly): 1.) Bruce Jones/Russ Heath's "Process of Elimination" from Creepy 83. 2.) Archie Goodwin/Frazetta's "Werewolf" from Creepy 1. 3.) Archie Goodwin and Angelo Torres'  "Monster Rally" from Creepy 4. 4.) Archie Goodwin/Alex Toth's "The Stalkers" from Creepy 6."