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Criterion Teases 2014 Addition of 'Scanners' to Collection


Scanners Criterion Collection

The most prestigious home video treatment a movie can be given is inclusion in the famed Criterion Collection, which truly solidifies a film's status as an imporant piece of cinema.  To date, only a handful of horror films have seen release by the company, films like Silence of the Lambs and Brian De Palma's Sisters making the cut.  David Cronenberg has also been honored by Criterion a few times over the years, with both Videodrome and Naked Lunch finding their way into the collection.  Could Scanners be next?  I'd bet good money on it!

At the start of each year, Criterion unveils a fun doodle that hints at the releases they'll be putting out throughout the year, which turns the release schedule into a fun little guessing game.  Perhaps the most obvious impending release teased on this year's drawing is the image of a man whose head has completely exploded into a mess of blood and gore, which seems to quite clearly be a tease that a Criterion release of Scanners is headed our way this year.

Another horror release possibly being teased is Ringu, which many fans feel is being depicted by the drawing of what looks to be Sadako, playing on top of the cliff.  Only time will tell!

Can you spot any other horror films in the drawing?  Comment below and let us know.