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'Crowley' DVD

Imagine the most demented BBC movie you've ever seen, then triple the weirdness, and you'll get close to what this oddball occult item has in store. Co-written by Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, this indie production (titled Chemical Wedding in the UK) involves notorious occultist Aleister Crowley transferring his life-force into the body of a shy, stuttering professor (superbly played by Simon Callow) and continuing his sinful shenanigans in modern London, while sporting a pimp-tastic purple suit.

For your more open-minded friends (the ones who don't consider closeups of various bodily excretions distasteful), Crowley should be a twisted, decadent and fascinating good time, and for a devilishly cheap 13 bucks at Amazon, you can afford to play Satan Claus.

$12.99 at Amazon