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Cuddle Chucky With Mezco's Upcoming Child's Play Pillow


Child's Play pillow

I never would've thought that I'd be the type of person who would end up collecting pillows, but here I find myself with a couch and bed that are covered in some of the coolest pillows I've ever had the pleasure of laying my head down on - go figure!  We've talked many times about the company Horror Decor in the recent past here on FEARnet, and it's that company that we have to thank for giving us horror fans the kinds of pillows that we're proud to display in our homes.  And now it looks like other companies are following suit.

Taking a page out of Horror Decor's playbook, toy company Mezco just unveiled the plush Chucky pillow you see above, which measures 19" tall and recreates the iconic Good Guys packaging that the killer doll was originally housed in.  Knife in hand, Chucky is getting ready to burst out of the packaging and stab his way right into your heart, and I can think of no better way to tell him that everything's going to be alright than by cuddling him to sleep.  I can't guarantee that a cuddle session will talk him out of killing you, but it's worth a shot.  He just wants to be your best friend, after all.

You can pre-order the pillow over on Mezco's website for $29.00.  They're set to begin shipping out in February of next year.