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The Curtain Rises on Cinema Bizarre

The newest Japanese-style vamp/glam combo to burst from the music underground is not from Japan at all... not even close, really. Cinema Bizarre hails from Berlin's music scene, but the band offers a little something for everyone, provided your pop preferences are on the gloomy side. Fusing '70s punk, '80s new wave and '90s “Visual Kei” style to a strong foundation of romantic electro-rock, this quintet's growing cult following got a huge shot of adrenalin after the YouTube release of their video for single “Love Songs (They Kill Me)” which now boasts over a million hits. Check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think!

Those Asian pop-culture influences lie at the heart of the band's origins: members initially met at an Anime & Manga convention and bonded over their love of all things Japan. "Every one of us is fascinated with Visual Kei and it’s a part of us,” says bassist Kiro in the band's press release. “Together as a band, we’re taking it one step further and making something of our own out of it."

After securing a record deal in 2007, the band achieved speedy success in Europe with their debut album Final Attraction, and soon drew the attention of legendary Sex Pistols/New York Dolls producer Malcolm McLaren, who has approached the band for future collaboration. Bizarre is also one of the few bands allowed permission by Depeche Mode to sample their music, using portions of “Everything Counts” on the song “Escape to the Stars.”

After last year's sold-out European tour, Cinema Bizarre now stands poised for a North American invasion, starting with a limited-edition EP being released exclusively through Hot Topic stores on March 17 and their first live US performances a month later. The band also plans on releasing their second album Toyz later this year.

Check out the video for “Love Songs” below...