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Cute Enough to Kill: Our Favorite Pets Dressed Like Freddy Krueger


Some of us are pet people and some of us aren't. Some of us aren't really pet people until we adopt one of our own. But once we fall in love with our dog or cat or whatever domesticated bundle of fluff we choose, we're hooked. That's when some of us get creative and break out the costumes. Not all animals are keen to humoring us in this dorky little fantasy...but some of our pets take pity on us and allow us to live vicariously through them. The best of those pets? The ones who let us dress them up as Freddy Krueger! 

Here's a small collection of the brave animals who have portrayed the burnt face Elm Street killer himself, Freddy Krueger. Looking for even more Freddy fun? Read about the parents who named their newborn son Fred Krueger.

Window Sill Killer Kitty Krueger

I wish my cat would wear this, but alas she claws me like Freddy whenever I step near her with a hat or a cat sweater. This cat is perfect, especially with that side-eyed look she's burning into her owner as they take the picture. Watch out...

Super Smooth Krueger Pug

What a dapper little gent of a pug. You can totally see how he'd be able to sweet talk the kids of Elm Street into eternal slumber...and eternal pug hugs.


Pug Krueger

Totally Oblivious Puggy Krueger

I feel like he's not entirely aware he's dressed up as the son of a hundred maniacs; more like he's awaiting a treat. Well deserved!

The Cutest Krueger

I'm no expert on dog breeds, but I am an expert on cute dogs and Freddy Krueger. This one takes the cake. 

Big Bad Freddy Dog

This gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog is named Ramona, and she's the biggest dog I have yet to see dressed as Freddy. Her owner says that she loves everyone which is why it was ironic that she loved being dressed as Freddy. Precious.

Fred Krueger Hounddog

I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to cuddle up with this beautiful dog! Sweet Nightmares!

Sir Didymus Krueger

Reminiscent of the dog from Labyrinth, but ready to slash you in half if you say that to him with a straight face. 

Ferret Krueger 

I don't want to know how hard it was to get this ferret into costume. I commend the owner, and the ferret for going along with it long enough to pose for this great picture.

DIY Freddy costume doggy

Another cute pug! The owner had trouble getting him to take a good pic, but he gives details on how he made the costume - all for less than $7.00!

Sphinxy Krueger

Kind of a cheat since that hat is Photoshopped on, but that ugly sweater is so Freddy Krueger-chic, it's not even funny.