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CW Picks Up 'Cult,' Cancels 'The Secret Circle'

The CW officially announced that they are picking up Cult to series. The thriller joins four other new pilots on the CW's fall roster, including genre-adjacent titles Arrow (based on the Green Arrow comics) and Beauty and the Beast (loosely based on the old CBS series). What won't be returning is The Secret Circle. More after the jump.

I have to say, I am surprised that TSC isn't coming back. Not because I particularly liked the show, but because I thought the network would have given it a chance to catch up with its sister-show, The Vampire Diaries

Cult is about a blogger and a production assistant who team up when they realize that rabid fans of a fictional show called "Cult" may be recreating the crimes in real life. Matt Davis, who was just "killed off" as Alaric on The Vampire Diaries, stars.